The Belgrade Philharmonic is preparing a sensational musical theater event and a completely new reading of Igor Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale, to be held at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, on Thursday and Friday, May 20 and 21, at 7:00 p.m. The “dream team” of authors features Ivan Tasovac starring in the triple role of soldier, devil, and narrator, and Concertmaster Tijana Milošević leading the chamber ensemble. The musical is directed by Nikola Zavišić.

The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall has undergone a complete transformation and looks like one of the most authentic theater stages in the city. The Soldier’s Tale by Igor Stravinsky is a combination of music, drama, and dance, and the unusual instrumental composition has seven performers reminiscent of a stylized version of a jazz ensemble.

“For the director of an institution, the greatest success is when he cannot get used to the constant innovations, challenges, and ideas that come out of it. Our own Tijana Milošević invited me to participate in this project, which is also her doctoral dissertation, and I agreed gladly. However, I almost regretted it realizing just how demanding this triple role was, but Nikola Zavišić guided me though it with his impressive and clear directorial concept, completely easing my anxiety. I am fascinated by the work of our orchestra and the directorial team, and I was amazed when I walked into the philharmonic hall, which I barely recognized,” Ivan Tasovac, director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, said.

Stravinsky combined different styles, so you can hear the sounds of ragtime, the Argentine tango, Spanish dances, but also Russian folk melodies, the Viennese waltz, and even jazz. Director Nikola Zavišić has delivered an authentic interpretation of The Soldier’s Tale, opting for a more challenging setting that would be a combination of video material, stage narration, and dance, featuring actress and dancer Una Đelošević.

The musical part of the team features Tijana Milošević (violin), Mihailo Samoran (clarinet), Sava Đurić (bassoon), Boban Stošić (double bass), Jovan Savić (trumpet), Igor Ranković (trombone), and Aleksandar Radulović (percussion). Other project participants are Suna Kažić, costume designer,  Filip D. Mikić, video artist and editor, and Sanjin Ćorović in charge of technical production.