Two Feltzs in the Belgrade Philharmonic

The Belgrade Philharmonic’s chief conductor is not the only Feltz in town this week. Gabriel’s father, Eberhard Feltz, a renowned professor of chamber music, will hold an exclusive master class with the Belgrade Philharmonic’s String Quartet, whose final concert will be part of the Musical Talks at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall on Wednesday, at 2:00 pm.

While Gabriel Feltz is working hard with the orchestra, preparing two performances:  at the NOMUS festival in Novi Sad on Thursday, and a day later as part of our regular season at Kolarac Hall, the members of the String Quartet will have the great honor of working with renowned professor Eberhard Feltz. Although he is 80 years old, his schedule has been filled to the maximum since he is the mentor of the most respected ensembles of the world. In his class, there were world famous quartets, including: Vogler, Faust, Rubens, Atrium, and since 2002, he has been mentor to the famous Ébène Quartet.

Thus, the Musical Talks program will be adapted to the final performance of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s String Quartet. As usual, the host of these short matinee concerts will be Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz, who will also present his father to the audience.

Admission to the Musical Talks is free.