Asja Radonjić

Program Manager


Asja Radonjić was born in Belgrade in 1977. After receiving primary and secondary music education at the Piano Department of the Dr Vojislav Vučković Music School, she graduated from the Musicology Department at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Asja Radonjić earned her М.А. degree in Cultural Management and Cultural Policy in the Balkans, at the University of Arts in Belgrade.


Following a brief apprenticeship as music assistant in Radio Belgrade (2001), she was hired as a senior music associate at the SOKOJ Music Information Center and the Josip Slavenski Foundation, and as executive secretary of the editorial office of the International magazine for music New Sound (2001-2007). Since 2007, Asja Radonjić has been working at the Belgrade Philharmonic as program manager in charge of planning, creating, programming, and organizing concert seasons, children’s concerts, educational activities, and other regular and special events. She is also author and editor of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s printed publications and program notes.


Asja Radonjić writes articles and reviews in the field of musicology, as well as professional reports from scientific conventions, symposia, and festivals, which have been published in music magazines and newspapers at home and abroad. She also works as an English language translator in her area of expertise.


Asja Radonjić was a member of the Board of the Working Group Youth of the European Music Council (2005-2007). She was on the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information’s committee for competitions in the field of contemporary art – music (2014-2016) and on the Program Council of the Serbian Cultural Center in Paris (2015-2016), under the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information. In 2018/19 she took part in a Creative Mentorship program as a mentor within the fourth generation of participants.


Contact Info:


011 2623 156