Gustav Mahler’s glorious Symphony No. 2 performed by the Belgrade Philharmonic and Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz at Kolarac Hall, on Friday, June 14, at 8:00 p.m. will conclude our 2018-2019 concert season. The concert will feature more than 180 musicians on the stage – The Philharmonic, enhanced by the “Branko Krsmanović” Academic Society’s Obilić Choir and vocals Lavinia Dames and Tanja Baumgartner, will perform Mahler’s masterpiece, “Resurrection.”

With this symphony, Mahler wanted to unite life and death, describing the last moments of a human life with the power of music. With this colossal masterpiece, the composer ventured for the first time to introduce the human voice into a symphony – featuring a choir and two female vocals: Tanja Baumgartner, one of today’s leading mezzo-sopranos, and soprano Lavinia Dames, a permanent member of the ensemble of the German Opera on the Rhine in Düsseldorf.

The end of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s concert season will be impressive not only to hear, but also to watch. The orchestra will be the largest ever, and especially for this occasion it will be joined by colleagues from Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

One hundred standing tickets will be on sale at the Kolarac Box Office from 7:00 p.m., one hour before the concert. After this concert, the Belgrade Philharmonic will start making final preparations for its open-air concert at Ušće on June 23.