Our new concert in the Belgrade Philharmonic’s “Love” series, under the baton of Permanent Guest Conductor Daniel Raiskin, will be held at Kolarac Hall on Friday, 16 November, at 8:00 p.m. In addition to the most famous protagonists of love tragedies in the works of Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev, the Belgrade Philharmonic presents Love! – Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra, featuring saxophonist Milan Savić. The Belgrade Philharmonic commissioned this piece from Belgrade composer Ivan Brkljačić especially for this occasion.

The author responded to the theme of love, which sometimes emits so much energy that it could drive the entire world: “One of the possible associations to the mentioned love theme could be the energy from something, for example, a rock concert, generated by a popular, adored and a great rock star, on the one hand, and the 100,000 souls in the audience, on the other,” said Brkljačić, for whom this is a second commission by the Belgrade Philharmonic.

The composition will be performed by saxophonist Milan Savić, holder of the French Order of Knight of Arts and Letters, for whom Brkljačić says there is a lot in one man: “Milan has elevated his form so much that his concert with the Philharmonic will be like the 100 meter sprint at the Olympics.”

The “Love” series concert program will begin with Francesca da Rimini, a symphonic interpretation by Tchaikovsky from Dante’s Divine Comedy and the second circle of Hell in which people are absorbed by lust. Closing the concert evening will be Romeo and Juliet. This most famous couple from the late Renaissance to today’s pop culture was described, among others, by Prokofiev in his ballet. Unlike Shakespeare, Prokofiev did what the whole of mankind had secretly wished for – the famous story finally got a happy end.

Those who would like to “share the love” with the Belgrade Philharmonic can buy standing tickets at the Kolarac Box Office, from 7:00 p.m., one hour before the concert.