Zoran Eric i Beogradska filharmonija

We have lost a dear friend and colleague Zoran Eric, one of the most significant Serbian contemporary composers.

Our first collaboration with this talented artist dates back to 1975 when the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra successfully performed his first orchestral piece, the choreographic picture for the orchestra Beyond the Gates of the Sun. This composition was part of our performances at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and during a tour in Germany the following year.

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra has continued to promote Eric’s compositions, including the performance of Cartoon in Moscow back in 1995 and the notable presentation of Six Scenes of Commentary for three violins and orchestra during a seven-concert tour in Sweden n 2006.

Zoran Eric served as a resident composer during the 2003-2004 season, and in the 2016-2017 season, the Belgrade Philharmonic commissioned a piece titled List No. 2.

In the jubilee season of our orchestra, nearly two decades after the Swedish tour, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will once again perform Six Scenes of Commentary, to be featured on February 2, 2024. The soloists will be three distinguished violinists from our orchestra – Miroslav Pavlovic, Ksenija Milosevic, and Mirjana Neskovic. With deep regret that Zoran Eric will not be present on that evening at Kolarac Hall, the Belgrade Philharmonic will forever remember him through music.