The Belgrade Philharmonic has the pleasure to announce that Gabriel Feltz has been appointed orchestra’s new Chief Conductor as of season 2017/18.
Currently the General Music Director of the Dortmund Opera and Chief Conductor of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra, Gabriel Feltz also worked as the chief conductor at the Philharmonic Orchestra Altenburg-Gera (2001–2005) and the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra (2004–2013). Born in 1971 in Berlin, he has conducted leading orchestras in Germany and abroad, which, together with his extensive discography, makes him one of the most outstanding conductors of his generation.
The Belgrade Philharmonic will be the first non-German orchestra in which this sought-after conductor will occupy the leading and exceptionally important position. The cooperation with our orchestra started in 2008 and Feltz has returned to Belgrade several times, conducting a repertoire ranging from Wagner and Mahler, to contemporary programmes, and to James Bond film music. Feltz has established strong connection with the orchestra and has proven himself as a very suggestive orchestra leader, with his strong character and accurate instructions.
“I think the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is a very important factor on Serbia’s cultural scene and I will be especially interested in enhancing the orchestra’s international reputation”, said the newly appointed Chief Conductor, who sees great potential in the BPO musicians and appreciates their passion for the grandiose romantic repertoire. “I particularly like the players’ willingness and the efforts they put in mastering new programmes. Devotion combined with strong characters of orchestra members make an ideal foundation for our intensive work together on diverse repertoire”, said Feltz, whose goal is to expand the Belgrade Philharmonic’s repertoire range from baroque and early classicism to contemporary music experiments, with intense curiosity for the music of Serbian composers.
The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is proud to have attracted the interest of brilliant Maestro Gabriel Feltz, whose appointment will be an excellent opportunity for improving the orchestra’s work, as well as for musicians to further their professional ambitions.