Famous Austrian composer HK Gruber is presenting his cult piece Frankenstein!! as part of the Pandemonium – the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s chamber music series, on Thursday 19 October (BPO Hall, 7pm).

One of the most fascinating contemporary music composers will feature as the conductor, soloist and chansonnier, while the Belgrade Philharmonic musicians will play both their regular instruments, as well as toys!

Frankenstein!! A pan-demonium for baritone chansonnier and orchestra follows children’s, mostly comical rhymes, fashioned into the music that comprises popular and folk elements, as well as the rich tradition of the Viennese cabaret. Beside Frankenstein, the piece also includes references to various other heroes – Superman, James Bond, Django, Robinson Crusoe, Batman and Robin, whose heroism will be illustrated through the use of toy instruments. Horns, sirens, swanee whistles, sand paper, ratchet rattles, toy piano, melodicas etc. make this piece fun to listen and watch:

“However picturesque or amusing the visual effect of the toys may be, their primary role is musical rather than playful – even the howling plastic horses have their motivic/harmonic function”, HK Gruber explained.

Since its premiere in 1978 under Simon Rattle, this unconventional piece has been performed more than a 1000 times by the world’s leading orchestras and conductors. The Belgrade audience will hear it for the first time. One of the busiest Austrian composers and performers, HK Gruber frequently collaborates with composer Kurt Schwertsik, whose Transfiguration Music will also be played in this concert.