On 10 June, at 8pm at Kolarac, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will play a programme For Lovers, which is dedicated to tragic love stories. The final concert of the season 2015/16 will be directed by Fabrice Bollon, one of a few recurrently visiting conductors, with whom our orchestra has continuously cooperated for several seasons with great success.
From Wagner’s oeuvre, he will bring to life Tristan and Isolde and Wesendonck Lieder, with soprano Juliane Banse as the soloist, while the concert will end with Berlioz’s Romeo and Juliette.
Although this will be the final concert of our regular season, we will see our audience once more on the chamber stage, on Thursday 16 June, when the chamber concert series 15/16 Inspired by Music will also be concluded.
The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra wraps up the season after 25 concerts in five different series, dedicated to Beginners, Connoisseurs, Lovers, Adventurers and Megalomaniacs.
The same programmatic course continues in the next season 2016/17, under the slogan Nothing but Music – Because Experience is Priceless, which is already completely sold out! For all those who failed to get hold of tickets in time, we are offering an additional series of selected concerts, titled Philharmania – Because Once Is Not Enough.