The Belgrade Philharmonic is announcing an exclusive premiere of a documentary film entitled More Than Classic by Dora Jung on its YouTube Channel on Friday April 10, from 8:00 p.m. Commenting on the story of the Belgrade Philharmonic will be hornist Nikola Ćirić, one of our youngest musicians, stage master Milomir Mitrović, our the oldest member, and Director Ivan Tasovac.

With the intention of presenting the Belgrade Philharmonic as not only an institution but a living organism that breathes and creates, the author portrays life in the philharmonic behind the scenes as well as on stage.

“I wanted to evoke the boundless determination, enthusiasm and energy of the people behind the curtain. Their talent, knowledge, and love work wonders, and their performances have become a true Belgrade treasure. The intention of the film is to shed light on this flawless organization of work and practice without which there can be no success,” the author, a senior student of the Faculty of Media and Communication, said.

The domestic premiere of this 2019 documentary, which has already been shown at international festivals, will be screened exclusively as part of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s online season, Friday on our YouTube Channel.