Belgrade Philharmonic Performs Entire Symphony on only 11 Instruments

An evening of Beethoven at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, with Conductor Daniel Raiskin and Concertmaster Miroslav Pavlović, to be held on two dates:  Thursday, October 29 and Friday October 30 at 8:00 p.m. Recordings of the concert will be broadcast in various public places such as post offices, banks, shops, city transportation… as part of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s “Music Everywhere” program.

“This is a wonderful project in which the Belgrade Philharmonic adheres to the well-known phrase ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ because it can become an opportunity. But it is also very important that the Belgrade Philharmonic keeps the music alive, because it takes two to tango and in our case those two are the audience and the performers. The exchange of emotions that takes place at our live concerts is embedded in our recordings and I am sure that you can feel this energy if you listen to our Beethoven in banks, offices, shops, or wherever you happen to be, “Permanent Guest Conductor Daniel Raiskin said.

As in all our concerts this season, Beethoven’s works are performed by a reduced orchestral ensemble, which will be especially exciting to hear in his famous Seventh Symphony. We will perform one of Beethoven’s best works – which the great composer himself considered his most excellent symphony – in an interesting arrangement for only eleven instruments! It is particularly interesting that Beethoven himself participated in making this arrangement for two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, one trumpet, two horns, double bass, and timpani. This composition is preceded by Beethoven’s two violin romances featuring Concertmaster Miroslav Pavlović, accompanied by his colleagues from the orchestra.