The Belgrade Philharmonic presents works of chamber music by Mozart and Brahms 

A new concert of chamber music will be held at the Belgrade Philharmonic’s Concert Hall on Thursday and Friday, April 22 and 23, at 7:00 p.m. featuring a quartet and a quintet playing works by Mozart and Brahms.

Miroslav Pavlović, concertmaster of the Belgrade Philharmonic, together with his colleagues Selena Jakovljević (violin), Ivana Uzelac (viola), and Katarina Stanković (cello), will perform Mozart’s String Quartet No. 15. The program ends with the Clarinet Quintet Op. 115 by Brahms, with clarinetist Veljko Klenkovski.

“We are lucky to be playing compositions that we have always wanted to play but were never able to in regular conditions. It is a little unusual to say, but we are very satisfied with this season, which required a lot of adjustment and I can proudly say that the Belgrade Philharmonic is coming out of it in top form with a large number of performed concerts. We played a lot of chamber music, which is ideal for our advancement, plus several very difficult orchestral programs. But the most important thing is that we had a great time and made the best of this season,” Concertmaster Pavlović said.

The musicians will perform two stylistically very different compositions. It is characteristic of Mozart’s Quartet that it was created in a stable and calm phase of his work, unfortunately, perhaps the only happy period of the composer’s life. The second movement is especially interesting, with its sudden dramatic and exciting changes of mood, because Mozart was waiting for his first child and the news that would be arriving from the next room. In addition to this masterpiece, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy Brahms’ Quintet, a work full of dense and long phrases but also oozing Hungarian charm, created precisely along the lines of Mozart’s composition of the same genre.