Vuk Wolkov – Popović

Vuk Wolkov-Popović was born in Belgrade in 2000, where he received all of his elementary and secondary musical education at the Vatroslav Lisinski music school. In 2019, he enrolled at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, at the Department of Conducting, in the class of Professor Biljana Radovanović Brkanović.


A special segment in Vuk’s musical development is his membership in the Beogradski Voice (Beogradski Glas) choir, under the leadership of singer-songwriter and film composer Aleksandra Kovač, from 2009 to 2016.


In March 2021, he was selected to be a member of the: Opera: Past, Present, Perfect, international project which is run by MOTO (Music Opera Theater Organization). Since his involvement in the project, he has prepared singers for the choral parts of Stanislav Binički’s first Serbian opera, At Dawn (Na uranku). He was also the assistant conductor at the children’s opera The children’s room (Dečja soba) by composer Milenko Živković, which was performed at BEMUS festival 2021. In January, March, and May of 2022, he conducted performances of the same opera in the Duško Radović children’s theatre. Within the same project, he also performed the role of assistant conductor during the preparation of the children’s opera The Little Sweep: Let’s Make an Opera, composed by Benjamin Britten.


He attended a ten-day master class at the National Theater in Belgrade, held by Wolfgang Scheidt. He also participated in the master classes of Srboljub Dinić at the Museum of Theater Arts, the Summer Opera School of MOTO, as well as the master class of Igor Vlajnić.


At the beginning of 2022, together with colleagues at the Faculty of Music, he founded the Belgrade Youth Orchestra-BEOM. Together with his orchestra, he performed at the Student’s Cultural Center (SKC), the concert hall of the Jewish Community in Belgrade, as well as in the hall of the Guarnerius Fine Arts Center, in cooperation with the Tango Jazz Quartet from Argentina. 


In his work, he is committed to the promotion of young contemporary composers, thus he performed at the opening concert of the international project Karika, where two pieces by Damjan Jovičin, named Melody, and Chaconne were played.  Later, he also collaborated with Marko Vesić on his graduate composition called Tokyo. This composition was also the opening piece of the KoMA (Concerts of Young Composers) 2022 festival at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall.


His most important engagement, so far, has been a two-week collaboration, in October of 2022, with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, during which he conducted a series of children’s concerts called Hello, We Are the Orchestra (Zdravo mi smo orkestar) at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall.