The concert of Nemanja Radulović and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, titled Pre-Moscow Nights, due on 3 September in Kolarac, was sold out in just half an hour! In view of the huge interest of the audience, one more concert was immediately scheduled at the same venue on 2 September, which was also sold out!

Daniel Raiskin, who will be directing the performance of Nemanja and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, is fascinated by the interest in these concerts, as well as in the orchestra’s entire season. While preparing the orchestra’s penultimate concert of the current season, seeing the long queue forming at the Box Office all the way to Vasina Street, he ecstatically addressed the audience:

I am fascinated by such huge interest of yours in the culture and classical music. This is by no means a typical sight around the world, since queues form only in front of luxury stores”, said Raiskin facetiously and added: “The Belgrade Philharmonic is very nearly the only orchestra that can boast of its immense popularity and the brilliant audience. That is why I am always more than glad to perform here and I look forward to seeing you all at Kolarac in September!”

The sale of the tickets for the concert on 3 September set a speed record because many were sold via the online ticket sale system. Since a lot of people were not fortunate enough to get the tickets, another concert was immediately scheduled for 2 September, for which tickets were available only at the BPO Box Office.

The concerts in September are an announcement of a big guest appearance of these musicians in one of the world’s most prestigious venues – the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow, on 6 September. The programme will include Rimsky-Korsakov’s Fantasia on Serbian Themes, Dvorak’s Symphony No 9 and Khachaturian’s Concerto for violin and orchestra, with Nemanja as the featured soloist.