Under the baton of maestro John Axelrod, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will ceremoniously conclude its concert season on Friday, June 9th, at Kolarac Hall (8:00 PM). The final concert will feature an exquisite repertoire, including Glière’s Hymn to the Great City, Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances, and the iconic masterpiece of piano literature, Tchaikovsky’s Piano concerto No.1, performed by pianist Roman Borisov.

The Philharmonic season On the Right Track 22/23, which is dedicated to musical journeys through cities around the world, has arrived at its ultimate destination. The closing concert pays homage to St. Petersburg, the imperial city with a significant place in the history of music. The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra sets the tone with Reinhold Glière’s Hymn to the Great City, which has been the official anthem of St. Petersburg since 1965. Originally composed for the renowned Red Arrow train, bridging the former and present capital cities, its melodious echoes resonate through St. Petersburg’s railway station before the train’s departure. Another prominent composition closely associated with the city is Tchaikovsky’s most celebrated piano concerto in B-flat minor. It was in St. Petersburg that Sergei Rachmaninoff spent his childhood and commenced his studies at the conservatory. Decades later, in America, he nostalgically composed the Symphonic Dances, a masterpiece that concludes the Belgrade Philharmonic’s season.

Leading the Orchestra to the final destination of the 22/23 season is the esteemed conductor and long-time friend of the Belgrade Philharmonic, John Axelrod, while the talented young pianist Roman Borisov will shine in the spotlight as the soloist. As the winner of the Kissinger Piano Olympics, Borisov is confidently carving out a remarkable career, captivating audiences not only with his creative prowess but also with his engaging stage presence. As a distinguished representative of the younger generation of pianists, Borisov will step in for the previously announced Alexander Gavrylyuk, who, unfortunately, could not perform due to a hand injury.

Standing tickets will be available for purchase one hour before the concert, starting at 7:00 PM, at the Kolarac box office.