Ahead of the 31st Belgrade Marathon

The Belgrade Philharmonic at the Belgrade Marathon

The Belgrade Philharmonic as Musical Support to the Participants of

the 31st Belgrade Marathon


On the occasion of the 31st Belgrade Marathon, the representatives of the Belgrade Philharmonic and the Belgrade Marathon have made a cooperation agreement for the Belgrade Philharmonic to perform at a musical station on the track of the 31st Belgrade Marathon.

In connection with the Belgrade Philharmonic taking part in this great and important traditional sports event in Serbia, Ivan Tasovac, the director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, said: “There is more symbolism in the cooperation between the Belgrade Marathon and the Belgrade Philharmonic than just the fact that these are two brands that represent our capital city worldwide in the best possible way. Our lives are like a marathon race that we run every day as the months and season’s change. Only by living with the focus of classical musicians and the stamina of marathon runners, can we reach our goal and be content. So, the start of cooperation between our institutions, like Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ – with which we will cheer on the athletes and together with the spectators send the true image of Belgrade to the world – are a self-imposed and logical choice.”

“The Belgrade Philharmonic’s performance at the 31st Belgrade Marathon will be an incredible endeavor and something unique that the participants from more than 70 countries will talk about and remember for a long time. We are announcing an absolutely spectacular world-class event,” Dejan Nikolic, director of the Belgrade Marathon, said.

“The Belgrade Marathon is preparing a presentation video for the 31 marathon race and we are certain that the footage showing the Belgrade Philharmonic performing under the skies of Belgrade and the arches of the pylons of the Ada Bridge, along with the lovely vistas of Belgrade, will be a magnet for future participants of the Belgrade Marathon and for all those who will recognize the beauty of Belgrade and the exuberance and joyfulness of its life,” Nikolic said.

“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ivan Tasovac and the members of the Belgrade Philharmonic for deciding to enhance the program of the 31st Belgrade Marathon, making this event a first-rate urban extravaganza,” Dejan Nikolic concluded in his statement.