Belgrade Philharmonic’s “Music Everywhere” in Sirius Business Complex

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra has staged a surprise performance once again, this time at the Sirius Business Complex in New Belgrade. To the delight of the employees, four bassoonists put on a real show on the plateau of this business center, which is also the headquarters of Erste Bank.

The “culprits” for the fantastic atmosphere in the middle of the working day are Belgrade Philharmonic bassoonists Nenad Janković, Sava Đurić, Dušan Petrović, and Aleksandar Popović. The sounds of tango, jazz and blues were filled the space of this business center in New Belgrade, and our musicians received ovations for their virtuosity on this fascinating instrument.

“In just over a month since beginning its new season “Music Everywhere,” the Belgrade Philharmonic has managed to surprise audiences with five street performances, nine concerts in its Philharmonic Hall, and recordings of these programs that are being broadcast in stores, public transportation, post offices, banks, business centers and offices, call centers, parks, bookstores, healthcare facilities, lounges… and that is only the beginning! We are getting new partners and a new audience that is looking for “Music Everywhere” and this music is growing into a tsunami of phenomenal energy,” Director Ivan Tasovac said.