The Belgrade Philharmonic has prepared an unconventional party for school-age kids at our concerts at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall from March 23-25 and April 4-8, from 10 a.m. to noon.  Child Prodigies Who Change the World is the Belgrade Philharmonic’s new program about prodigious children who created music, including gifted pianist Ivan Tasovac.

The Belgrade Philharmonic’s new program presents musical geniuses whose works pushed boundaries and inspired numerous generations for centuries. Under the direction of conductor Ivan Markovic, our young audience will learn about the works of famous composers who changed the history of music, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Saint-Saëns. Through the story of little Beethoven and his music, our young audience will meet another musical genius and piano prodigy. Ivan Tasovac was only 11 years old when he had his first performance with the Belgrade Philharmonic, to which he remained attached his entire life; they will also hear his recording of the famous composition Für Elise.

Belgrade Philharmonic musician Slavica Perić, as our traditional narrator, takes us though the story of music geniuses and in addition to famous composers, our young audience will also become acquainted with the music of contemporary composers – their peers. They can look forward to crazy fun and a wild musical ride with a piece called Raft Dino Spies by young and very talented Mia Mićić. She wrote this composition at the age of 11, first performed by the New York Philharmonic and still on their repertoire. Mija’s music depicts a roller coaster ride, with unusual scenes that happen along the way, accompanied by typical reactions during such a thrill ride, mainly screams of excitement and speed. The Belgrade Philharmonic is inviting kids to join them in a fun ride on a wild screaming unusual musical roller coaster.