In the Belgrade Philharmonic’s new 2019-2020 concert season, entitled #followbeethoven, the composer has been placed in the context of modern times and the development of social networks and digital communications. A contemporary colloquial speech has been selected and applied to the season and the series titles in order to demonstrate that Beethoven is equally understandable and relevant for all generations and in every time period.

Throughout the five series, we will present all the aspects of his rich and diverse creative oeuvre, as well as the works of other composers under his influence.

#beethovenbro (I)

The series explores the influence Beethoven had on Serbian composers and their relationship with this great role model.

#beethovenrules (II)

The glorification of Beethoven’s virtuosity is reflected in several aspects: firstly that he himself was a highly accomplished violinist, pianist, and cellist, and also that he wrote a number of concerts that are now the basis of the solo repertoire.

#beethoveninfluencer (III)

Generations of significant composers who created after Beethoven and under his great influence conveyed Beethoven’s ideas and incorporated them into their individual musical style.

#beethovensramaqueen (IV)

Beethoven and the theater, lots of drama! The series refers to the theater music that he wrote or to other compositions of the same genre inspired by the works of the romanticists.

#beethovenontimeline (V)

The line of Beethoven’s life contains several key points that changed not only him but also the entire society of that era. Our concert programs will therefore show what kind of music was listening to in the year of his birth, how the French Revolution impacted on musical creativity, how Beethoven was confronted with his loss of hearing, and what happened in music immediately after his death.