With a concert tour in Serbia this week, the Belgrade Philharmonic will show that it does not belong only to our capital city. Our first concert will be held at the Cultural Center in Stara Pazova, on May 14, and our second concert will be held at the famous “Kur salon” in Banja Koviljača on May 17.

This will be the Belgrade Philharmonic’s first performance in Stara Pazova. Conducted by Maestro Aleksandar Kojić, the concert program will include Mozart’s A Little Night Music, one of the most famous compositions of all time, Enigma Variationsby Edward Elgar, and Mozart’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 2, featuring Ksenija Milošević, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s assistant concertmaster.

A few days later, in one of the most beautiful spa resorts in Serbia, at the recently renovated “Kur-salon” in Banja Koviljaca, the Belgrade Philharmonic will present an equally elegant repertoire. In addition to Mozart’s A Little Night Music, we will perform TheFour Seasonsby Antonio Vivaldi, featuring our own orchestra members as soloists: Jelena Matović (Spring), Aleksandra Milanović (Summer), Mirjana Nešković (Autumn) and Dušica Mladenović (Winter).

During our 2018-2019 season, in addition to the upcoming concerts in Stara Pazova and Banja Koviljača, the Belgrade Philharmonic has also performed in Smederevo and Novi Sad.

For all those we have not been able to visit this year, the Belgrade Philharmonic invites you will to our gala open-air concert at the Ušće grounds in New Belgrade, on June 23, with a live performance of Walt Disney’s Fantasia.