Belgrade Philharmonic ice cream? Yes it’s possible!

Through our social networks we have invited fans to suggest an ice cream flavor that reminds them of the Belgrade Philharmonic. On June 13, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s birthday, ice cream lovers and fans of our orchestra will be able to try the new Belgrade Philharmonic flavor, which will be on the list of ice cream flavors of Moritz Eis.

As announced on the Philharmonic networks: “We are searching for the perfect harmony of ingredients, a unique symphony of tastes, a real musical treat; we invite you to share with us in the comments which ice cream flavors remind you of the Belgrade Philharmonic. The most inspiring combinations will be shortlisted and maybe yours will become a new classic in the wide assortment of Moritz Eis ice cream flavors.”

In the comments by our followers, the Belgrade Philharmonic received a number of very interesting proposals: “A combination of vanilla – for virtuosity and sophistication, chocolate – in the name of elegant music, and passion fruit – as the sound of a leap from conformity into open-mindedness reminiscent of the Belgrade Philharmonic.” Our fans suggested numerous other combinations of flavors and everyone will be able to enjoy the winning flavor soon, on our orchestra’s 98th birthday.