Everyone who admires the charms of Italy will surely enjoy the exciting and vivid music in the programme of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert from the series For Adventurers, scheduled on Friday, 9 December (Kolarac, 8pm). Conductor Michail Jurowski will lead the journey through Italy’s countryside, seen from the perspective of great Romantics Hector Berlioz and Richard Strauss. The demanding role of the melancholic daydreamer Harold will be played by the orchestra’s principal violist Boris Brezovac.
Berlioz integrated the poetic memories formed from his wanderings in the mountains of Abruzzo into a symphony in which the main role of Harold was entrusted to the viola. The melancholic hero, initially gazing into the bright future, but subsequently sinking into his insecurity, will be played by Boris Brezovac, accompanied by his orchestra:
“For three decades – since the first time I heard this music, I have been dreaming about playing it. Now that I have been given the opportunity, I have started seriously preparing and researching for information that are essential for me as the performer”, said Brezovac, trying to identify himself with both the hero and the composer: “This music has led me to introspection, and for that I am very grateful. I have the impression that it is showing me a new side of myself, which I will not begin to comprehend until after the concert is finished”, Brezovac added.
The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Jurowski will continue the musical journey with Strauss’ tone poem Aus Italien. It will revive the composer’s impressions and feelings spurred by the images of sunny Campagna, glorious Rome and busy Naples, presented through a comical confusion of melodies.
With deepest regret, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra received the news of the death of Zoltán Kocsis, who was supposed to lead the orchestra in this concert. Our orchestra had twice arranged appearances with the late Hungarian artist, but they were, unfortunately, never actualised. His role in this concert will be played by conductor Michail Jurowski, the oldest representative of the famous musical family, whose contribution to musical performance is immeasurable. Jurowski is one of the most esteemed guest conductors of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, admired by and well-known to the Belgrade audience.