Two New Year’s concerts with renowned artist Aleksey Igudesman

The Belgrade Philharmonic and world-famous violinist Aleksey Igudesman are ready for the craziest show with two New Year’s concerts at Kolarac Hall on December 26 and 27, at 8:00 p.m. This world premiere of his program called Beethoven and More is a hilarious parody of the works of the famous composer and an opportunity for the audience to be entertained, but also to to enjoy the famous compositions presented in a different way.

Musical comedy superstar Aleksey Igudesman and the Belgrade Philharmonic are old friends. The violinist will also conduct the orchestra, this time presenting a special guest, the fantastic Claire Wells, who will sing and wreak musical havoc on the violin and the piano.

Those who were lucky enough to get tickets for the Belgrade Philharmonic’s concert will enjoy Igudesman’s version of Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony and how the most famous motif in music history will get its funk, Latin, or swing variations. The audience will also hear funny versions of the Moonlight Sonata and For Elise and will travel around the world with the Ninth Symphony and pass though various landscapes that will be accompanied by samba, salsa, Celtic, Roma, Bollywood, rock, or funk sounds.

Something More from the program refers, among other things, to The Sherlock Holmes Fantasy, music from Pulp Fiction, and even Borat’s Suite in which the orchestra will turn into a choir and the whole audience is invited to sing.

The Belgrade Philharmonic’s most jubilant performances have traditionally delighted audiences and always attracted huge attention, so tickets were sold out long ago. However, one hundred standing tickets will be on sale for both concerts at the Kolarac Box Office from 7:00 p.m. one hour before the concert.