Today’s greatest conductor, Maestro Zubin Mehta is the special guest of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s open-air concert on 25 June 2017. Directed by Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz, the orchestra will perform the programme chosen by the audience, while legendary Mehta will join in at the end of this concert spectacle to conduct the finale of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.

Besides giving a free concert on the site where its future concert hall will stand, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is also proud to present Mehta as the special gift to its audience from all over the country and the region.

“I am infinitely pleased that the long-standing dream of all people in Serbia who are wishing for a new concert hall is on the way of being fulfilled. I am very happy to take part in the laying of its musical cornerstone in the grand open-air spectacle organised by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra”, said Zubin Mehta ahead of the concert to be held near the Pallace of Serbia, in the New Belgrade Block 13.

The majestic Finale of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony under the baton Zubin Mehta will be the triumphant conclusion of the biggest ever open-air classical music concert in Serbia’s history.