As part of its decentralisation projects, from 29 to 31 March, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra goes on the “Philharmonic Plays South” mini tour of three southern Serbian cities. In the concerts in Vranje (29 March), Leskovac (30 March) and Aleksinac (31 March), the BPO Chamber Ensemble will play Schubert’s Octet.

In the south of Serbia, the Belgrade Philharmonic will perform one of its best chamber programmes, reaching out to the audience several hundred kilometres away from Belgrade, who are not in the position to attend the concerts of the best national orchestra. The members of the Octet are distinguished BPO soloists, and the presence of various instrumental groups in this ensemble makes it a “orchestra in miniature”. In addition to the Concertmaster Tijana Milošević, the violin will be played by Selena Jakovljević, the viola by Boris Brezovac, Nemanja Stanković will play the cello and Boban Stošić will play the double bass. Members of the wind section include clarinettist Ognjen Popović, hornist Nikola Ćirić and bassoonist Sava Djurić.

Oktet BGF

The project is implemented in cooperation with cultural institutions from the three cities, which were selected by the criteria of the quality of their cultural programmes and their active attitude towards local cultural development. Thus, the hosts will be the Bora Stanković Theatre in Vranje, the Leskovac Culture Centre and the Centre for Culture and Art in Aleksinac.

Beside the top-notch musical programme, this BPO project also aims to encourage cultural development in local communities, through commitment of artistic, organisational and promotional capacities.

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