The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra pays tribute to Tasovac by promoting the most exclusive instrument of today.


After one year of the passing of its beloved director, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra continues to follow Ivan Tasovac’s vision. As a Remembrance Day, the Philharmonic will organize a special event in his honor, on September 28 (BGF Hall, from 7:30 p.m.). With a special presentation of the latest generation of Steinway Spirio r piano, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is gratifying Tasovac’s desire for it to be the first institution in the region to own the most exquisite instrument in the present time and day.

Ivan Tasovac’s dreams were big and bold, inspired by ideas that pushed the boundaries. Thanks to him, the future has arrived at the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, with an instrument that represents a revolutionary combination of art and cutting-edge technology, and which further establishes the institution as a leader in innovation. The Steinway & Sons has no match in its excellence, but with the latest SPIRIO-r piano model, it creates a complex system of incredible creative possibilities – high-resolution live performance capture and playback from around the world, as well as synchronized recordings of interpretation and reproduction on the instrument itself. This system allows you to enjoy historical performances of the greatest artists in a sophisticated high-quality acoustic experience with real movement of the keys.

Unfortunately, Ivan Tasovac did not live to see this dream of his coming true. Still, SPIRIO-r stands for everything Tasovac was – unique, innovative, ahead of his time. Out of love and eternal gratitude, with this instrument of the future, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates everything that Ivan has pledged. To honor him, the instrument owned by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will bear the engraved signature of Ivan Tasovac, done by the Steinway factory exclusively for this occasion. The first tones that will be heard at the promotion will, in an unprecedented way, be dedicated to Tasovac, thus presenting impressive possibilities of this piano.

The first recital on the new instrument will be played by a special guest, Kirill Gershtein, the star of the concert stages around the world, as well as one of the most respected pianists of today, who will, exclusively for this occasion, perform for the first time in Belgrade. The legacy of this world-class pianist is a combination of traditional Russian, American and Central European artistry, and an insatiable curiosity. Gerstein’s musical mastery is characterized by fierce technique and insightful intelligence, combined with an energetic, imaginative musical presence, which makes him the best in his profession and the ideal choice for Ivan Tasovac’s first piano recital.