This week’s most in-demand ticket has been for one of the three New Year concerts of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra – on 28 and 29 December at Kolarac, and on 30 December at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. The quickest music lovers will listen to the music from the Hollywood blockbuster superhero films, under the baton of Alan Bjelinski.

One hundred and seven BPO members will showcase their superpowers by playing well-known soundtrack music from films loved by all generations. The New Year spectacle will include Superman’s exploits and his falling in love with Lois Lane, Batman’s Gotham City actions, X-man’s showdown with Apocalypse, the adventures of Zorro, Spiderman and the inevitable Star Wars.

“The purpose of our work is to make our audience happy. Throughout the year, we put a lot of energy and emotions into what we do, while this is a concert where we too can relax a little and have fun together with our audience. But make no mistake – it is incredibly difficult to play the music that everyone knows so well that they can whistle it”, said the orchestra’s Concertmaster Miroslav Pavlović.

The super heroic programme is the pinnacle of a very important year in which the orchestra’s new Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz was appointed. The year 2017 has witnessed one of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s greatest achievements – the first and biggest ever open-air classical music concert in the history of Serbia, attended by almost 30,000 listeners.