The last of the series of Philharmonic Theatre concerts is scheduled on Thursday, 25 May at 7pm, at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall. Together with actors Tamara Krcunović and Vladimir Aleksić, the BPO musicians will present the works of Igor Stravinsky.
The music theatre story of the famous 20th century composer is directed by actor Tamara Krcunović. In an attempt to stay true as much as possible to Stravinsky’s own routine, to his commitment to keep his privacy from being exposed and his desire to prevent his words and thoughts from being misinterpreted, Tamara has based the presentation of the materials about Stravinsky solely on his music and the writings he himself wrote.
“Stravinsky did not underestimate his audience by flattering them, which is why we also dismiss the yellow press that speculated about his adventures with Coco Chanel; instead, we are approaching Stravinsky as to an engaged artist who dedicated his life to composing”, said Tamara.
While the actors will present the ideas, motifs and circumstances in which Stravinsky worked, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra musicians will play some of his best-known pieces, such as Pulcinella and The Soldier’s Tale.
Besides the story about Stravinsky, the Philharmonic Theatre has offered a new perspective to enjoying and understanding the works of great composers such as Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Mahler and Schumann.