Star Trek, Batman, and Game of Thrones at the Belgrade Philharmonic

Sounds of Hollywood at the BPO and the Serbian premiere of Genghis Khan


The most anticipated concert of the BPO’s 2022/23 season is surely the one honoring the original scores of Hollywood movies, which the orchestra will perform on Friday, November 18, at Kolarac Hall (8 p.m.), with Aleksandar Sedlar as the conductor. The same program will be adapted for a teenage audience and performed on Wednesday and Thursday from the 11 a.m. in the BPO Hall.

Enthusiasts and fans of Hollywood movies and series will have the opportunity to enjoy the music of their favorite ones, from Hitchcock’s Psycho, Star Trek and E.T., Lord of the Rings and Batman, to the worldwide sensation Game of Thrones. This particular concert from the On the Right Track season brings the sounds of Los Angeles, with Hollywood as its main feature.

The orchestra will also perform a special musical treat on this journey through the history of cinematography. In addition to blockbuster hits, the audience will be able to enjoy a thrilling original score for the 1960s hit, famous Genghis Khan, a piece by our composer Dušan Radić. This will also be the Serbian premiere of this work. The main role in this film was played by Omar Sharif. Radić brought us vivid images of slavery, battles, oriental bazaars, imperial palaces, and tender love scenes with such mastery in the musical score.

A cult classic, sci-fi series Star Trek with adventures of the spaceship Enterprise, a heart melting story of the friendship between the boy Elliot and the irresistible extraterrestrial E.T., which has inspired numerous generations, then the globally famous knife scene in the bathroom, and especially the music for the monumental epic series Game of Thrones, with intertwining elements of medieval history and popular fiction, are just some of the many delicacies that will be presented to the teenage audience, as part of the new educational project the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is planning for this season.