As the New Year’s concerts are becoming the top event in the city with the great demand for an extra ticket, the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is introducing a limited number of standing only tickets that will be available for purchase only on Wednesday, December 28, from 10 a.m., at the BPO box office. The concerts are scheduled for December 29 and 30 in Kolarac concert hall, with a surprise special guest appearance!

Tickets for the BPO’s Waltz Party were sold out in less than two days, so the announcement of the standing only tickets will please many, as New Year’s concerts traditionally bring the audience to their feet. This will not be hard this year, since the repertoire includes many waltzes, and the Philharmonic Orchestra will perform with a mysterious soloist in the piece Boom! For a special guest and the orchestra. The identity of a special guest will remain unknow to public until the very end, something that BPO’s audience is used to. What can be revealed however is that the waltz menu will also include tracks from famous movies such as La La Land and Harry Potter.

Maestro Moritz Gnan will conduct both concerts. Gnan is the one of the most sensational conductors of his generation, who has been praised by critics for innovative approach to his wide repertoire, making him a great choice for the BPO’s New Year’s performances. Although it is his firs time with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, the conductor has achieved an excellent bond with the musicians, which promises a good concert and a good time.

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