Chief conductor of RTS Choir is Bojan Sudjic


The Radio Television of Serbia Choir was founded in 1939. within the Radio Belgrade. The first chief conductor, Milan Bajsanski, directed his strategy towards the affirmation of the domestic musical heritage, as well as significant achievements of world choral literature and vocal-instrumental works. This strategy was retained up this day, defining the eight decade long artistic biography of this ensemble. The work of the Choir was especially marked by the chief conductors Borivoje Simic, Mladen Jagust, Vladimir Krnjavcevic and Bojan Sudjic, with whom the artistic collaboration is now lasting for more than two decades.


Throughout history the Choir has performed with many prominent conductors and soloists. It participated in all the important festivals in ex-Yugoslavia and Serbia, and it had successful tours in many countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia. The Choir is also continuously active in the field of archiving permanent sound recordings, which are being kept in the Sound Archive of Radio Belgrade. Among the archives, the music of domestic artists especially stands out, which makes this ensemble actively work towards the preservation and affirmation of the national cultural heritage.


The RTS Choir has won many awards including the „October Award of the city of Belgrade“(1982), „Zlatni beocug“(1989) for the promotion of culture and arts of the city of Belgrade, „Zlatni beocug“ (2007) for lasting contribution to culture of the capital, „Music of the Classics“ for the concert of the year (2014), and „Sretenjski orden of third order “ for the results achieved in cultural activities in the past 80 years of work.


It is the only professional ensemble of this type in Serbia. Its repertoire today includes the most significant choral pieces, complex vocal-instrumental and opera pieces, and it also nurtures the music of popular genres. This ensemble also actively performs pieces of contemporary domestic and foreign composers, The repertoire continues to expand through the collaborations with other ensembles of Music production, enriching the already rich collection of the Sound Archive with new recordings. The wide range of artistic aspirations, positioned the RTS Choir as a renowned ensemble, with a recognizable sound and performing reputation