The Belgrade Philharmonic’s Water Concert

Under the baton of Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz, the Belgrade Philharmonic will perform with violinist Robert Lakatos at the Kolarac Concert Hall on Friday, 25 May, at 8:00 p.m. The young rising star and the Belgrade Philharmonic will perform the Adriatic Capriccio by Petar Konjović. The program also includes Handel’s Water Music and Debussy’s The Sea (La mer).

The career of brilliant Novi Sad violinist is gaining considerable momentum. He collaborates with the famous Julian Rachlin at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, who says that he is “one of the most promising young artists of his generation.” Lovers of national music tradition will enjoy the performance by Lakatos, who will play the Adriatic Capriccio by Petar Konjović, whose opus the Belgrade Philharmonic’s chief conductor has been researching with keen curiosity.

Gabriel Feltz is extremely pleased with his first season as chief conductor: “The orchestra has given its maximum at all our concerts, which has resulted in some remarkable performances. We have achieved considerable success thanks to the unselfish contribution of the musicians, and that is a huge compliment for the orchestra.”

The chief conductor will lead the Belgrade Philharmonic in performing the water-inspired repertoire and is particularly looking forward to Debussy’s La mer, which is one of his favorite compositions in all of classical music literature. The concert opens with Handel’s Water Music, written by commission of the English King George I, who wanted music for his guests during his eight-hour boat ride on the Thames. He was so overjoyed with the composition that the orchestra was playing on the ship that he ordered the musicians to play it three times in a row. Those who are curious about the Belgrade Philharmonic’s “water” concert can purchase standing tickets at the Kolarac Box Office one hour before the concert begins.