New Concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic: Program for the League of Champions 


Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony premieres at the Philharmonic


The Belgrade Philharmonic and Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz are facing a major challenge in preparing an exclusive program they are scheduled to play at the Philharmonic Hall on March 4, 5, and 6, starting at 7:00 pm. The orchestra will premiere Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony and Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony, a program that the chief conductor says is worthy of the League of Champions.


Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony is a very demanding composition; it is a challenge and an adventure for both the orchestra and the conductor. Although Gabriel Feltz has performed this work several times in his career, each time he feels that he is facing a big test:


“The Chamber Symphony is one of the most important works by this composer and it is very complicated. It was written for 15 instruments and therefore every musician will have the role of a soloist. I am looking forward to performing three concerts because it is a wonderful exercise for the orchestra to practice such difficult harmonies, rhythms, techniques, tempos, and an abundance of small notes. We are really practicing hard and literally working out like crazy. Together with Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony, this is truly a program fit for the League of Champions,” Gabriel Feltz said.


Although at first glance these two composers are quite different, the audience will have the opportunity to hear a fusion of Beethoven and Schoenberg as authors who are two key figures that changed, in a similar way, the course of music history. Our next concert with the chief conductor is scheduled for March 18, 19, and 20.