The life of a student in Germany has taught me a lot and most definitely has changed me. Especially today I realize the importance of this “German discipline.” I had always been passionate about music, nothing has changed there, but the most valuable experience from Germany was that I learned to think about music, to understand it better, see it, nurture and shape my taste, as well as to develop some criteria and a personal attitude.

Year after year, I had become more and more accustomed to the German lifestyle. I was fascinated by their sense of organization and the fact that they always planned and worked things out well in advance.

I think I have gained a good command of these skills today. I had planned my professional commitments for 2020 well in advance and everything had gone well. But the only thing I did not include in my calendar was the Coronavirus and this state of emergency. I could not have known that the concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic with my friend and colleague, bassoonist Nenad Janković, would be the last one in this season.

I am spending my days in isolation like any well-organized German student. As I wait anxiously for my new clarinets to arrive, I have decided to let my hair and beard grow. For now, I notice that only my beard has been growing.