The Belgrade Philharmonic presents its youngest audience with its “New Year’s Musical Fairytale,” whose online premiere is scheduled for January 7 at 12:00 noon on its YouTube channel. Joining the Philharmonic will be Director Ivan Tasovac, who, as a pianist, has a special role in this story.

The authors of this musical fairytale are violist Tamara Marinković-Tomić and violinist Slavica Perić, familiar faces of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s educational programs. They are also narrators in the stories about Muzikograd (Musictown), where special musical wishes are collected and gifts are prepared for all the children of the world. The main characters are Santa Claus (Ivan Tasovac), who needs to teach reindeer Đuro (Aleksandar Sale Radulović), to play the piano.

“From this zany philharmonic kitchen of ours, a beautiful story about music, love, and friendship has emerged. We had lots of fun doing it and we hope our little friends will like it too. We want to brighten their festive atmosphere and we also want to tell them that we can’t wait to see them again in the Belgrade Philharmonic – cheerful and smiling,” Director Tasovac said.

In this musical fairytale, the children will be able to hear songs by Mozart and Beethoven, but also a lot of sound effects played by percussionist Sale Radulović, literally on everything: flags, gongs, cowbells, goat’s claws, sandpaper, a hammer, a crying sheep, a newspaper, duct tape, a triangle, a bicycle siren. In addition to seeing and hearing these unusual instruments, our young audience will enjoy the story from Musictown, with drawings donated to the Belgrade Philharmonic by its faithful young friends.