In the role of DJ: Belgrade Philharmonic’s Spokeswoman Jelena Milašinović

At the new “Late Night Classic” after-party, Jelena Milašinović, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s PR Manager, will make her own choice of classical music at the “Taman” Club, on Friday, February 8, from 11:00 p.m. After the Concert at Kolarac Hall, Jelena will take her place at the DJ counter and show the clubbers a good time with classical music in the heart of the Savamala District.

As one of the most passionate “fans” of the orchestra, Jelena will play compositions from the Philharmonic’s repertoire whose power and energy make it hard for the Kolarac audience to stay in their seats. Clubbers are invited to start the weekend with “weird” waltzes, massive symphonic melodies, and “addictive” classic hits.

At previous Late Night Classic events, director Ivan Tasovac and violinist Jelena Dimitrijevic showed off their DJ talents and proved that classical music was great for dancing and having a good time in a disco club. In this way, the Belgrade Philharmonic is entering the club scene in a big way, and the “Taman” Club offers an authentic night out at this vibrant downtown location in Karadjordjeva Street.