The Belgrade Philharmonic will present a new online meeting with children and an introduction to the orchestra on our Facebook page on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. This time, something completely different – we will demonstrate how music can be made even without real instruments!

Instead of the bulky tympani, xylophones, or vibraphones, our percussionist Aleksandar Radulović will demonstrate how kitchen utensils can be turned into percussion instruments. Playing on glasses, pots and pans, washbowls, toothpicks, he will talk all about the various kinds of percussion instruments.

Aleksandar will tell the children to explore “percussion without borders” together with their parents, with a special surprise for the end – a performance of the Radulović trio. 

Our musicians Tamara and Slavica, the “hosts” of this entertaining series, invite all kids to record a video using houshold percussion “instruments” and send it to the Belgrade Philharmonic. Those with the most likes will receive a gift: “My first CD of Classical Music” performed and released by the Belgrade Philharmonic. Our introduction to the orchestra continues next Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.