Media Marketing and Art & Business, the most relevant media in the regional communications industry, are the first portals to join the Belgrade Philharmonic’s “Music Everywhere” project. Those who follow texts on communication, advertising and art & business in the Adriatic region can now also enjoy the Belgrade Philharmonic’s music programs.

“A month or two ago, I learned about the ‘Music Everywhere’ project and we started writing about it on our Media Marketing and Art & Business portals at once. Then I wanted to have the Belgrade Philharmonic’s music playing on our portals, so that while people read the content they could listen to music. With this, we brought music performed by the Belgrade Philharmonic to the entire region and the world, and after a few hours I received numerous emails from readers who were delighted. Now we have music played by this fantastic orchestra, which has enhanced the atmosphere for visitors of our portals,” Editor-In-Chief Ekrem Dupanović said.

By clicking on any text on the mentioned portals, you can hear Mozart’s Little Night Music or two of Beethoven’s Romances, which the Belgrade Philharmonic performed and recorded with the intention of spreading its music outside the concert hall.

“With the Belgrade Philharmonic, everything is like the first time. Although I have been the proud director of this ensemble for 20 years, the sound of our orchestra blows me away every time. That is exactly how I feel listening to our ‘Music Everywhere’ while reading the phenomenal texts on these portals. Just as water always finds a way, good actions are always recognized by the right people. The team from Media Marketing and Art & Business has always thought outside the box and now they have turned their websites into a magnificent concert hall. Bravo for the first portals where Philharmonic Music is heard everywhere!” Director Ivan Tasovac said.

In response to the current situation in which the COVID epidemic dictates the number of people that can attend a concert hall, now, with the help of numerous partners of “Music Everywhere,” over 50,000 hours of orchestra music has been heard in 388 locations in 103 places across Serbia, from September to the end of 2020. Since during these three months the Belgrade Philharmonic was heard by many more people than would have been be possible in regular circumstances, our “Music Everywhere” project will continue to be heard in 2021 from various unexpected and unusual places.