The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will play one of its most popular programmes for children – The Travels of Mija the Mouse, in the period 10–20 October (weekdays at 10am and 12 noon, at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall). Actress Milena Moravčević will narrate the adventures of Mija the Mouse, based on Laza Lazić’s verses, while the orchestra led by conductor Aleksandar Kojić will take the youngsters on a journey to various European countries.

As the preschool kids and Mija ‘travel’ to Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and Serbia, they will be able to hear and memorise the most popular melodies from Bizet’s Carmen, Beethoven’s symphonies, Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, Verdi’s Rigoletto, as well as Konjović’s Great Chochek Dance and Hristić’s Turtledove. Children will also explore Mija’s travelogue through picturesque illustrations by artist Jelena Kosovac Savić.

“There’s no need to emphasise how inspiring it is to play every Friday for our regular audience in Kolarac. Nevertheless, that feeling can only be eclipsed by how we feel when we are focused on our youngest audience for 15 days twice a year. Jolly little people come to the BPO to listen to our children’s concerts that we prepare with great attention to detail, knowing that these young people are our faithful audience of tomorrow“, said Ivan Tasovac, Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

On the first concert day, the children agreed that they like it best when Mija returns to Serbia, and everyone looks forward to coming back again to the Belgrade Philharmonic, although it is sometimes just a bit too loud for them. In the concerts organised twice a year for pre-school and younger primary school children, more than 4000 youngsters become acquainted with the work of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and classical music in a way that is tailored to their age and interests.