A standing ovation after the first New Year’s concert on Thursday

Ana Đurić Konstraka appeared as a surprise guest of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra at the first New Year’s Waltz Party in Kolarac Concert Hall on Thursday evening (December 29). She joined the Orchestra to perform the piece Boom! for the bass drum and orchestra. This unusual performance was interrupted with the chorus of her famous hit song The artist must be healthy, with the warm support of the Philharmonic Orchestra and a much excited audience that eagerly joined with clapping and the well-known hand gesture choreography of this song.

Konstrakta took on a completely new and unusual role – the one of a bass drum soloist in a composition by Richard Sciarappa. Her dazzling entrance on the Kolarac stage was welcomed with a standing ovation, and together with the Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Moritz Gnan, she soloed in a waltz-parody with a little drama performance of a dispute going on between her and the conductor. In addition to her role of a percussionist charmingly “arguing” with the conductor when trying to hit the bass drum as she pleased, Konstrakta also had her own solo performance, with the familiar notes of her famous song The artist must be healthy echoing in the Kolarac Concert Hall.

The Philharmonic has become a synonym for an institution that makes classical music fun. I think it’s great because the Philharmonic has had our attention for a long time. It is a great honor for me to have had the opportunity to perform with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra at such a memorable event, Ana Đurić Konstrakta said after the concert.

In addition to the big surprise and Konstrakta’s guest appearance, the audience appraised the Orchestra’s performance of various waltzes with a standing ovation. From classics such as the works of Saint-Saëns and Khachaturian, over Shostakovich, to blockbuster scores and lounge jazz atmosphere of La-la Land and Harry Potter, rounds of applause of the audience in the full house did not allow the musicians and conductor Moritz Gnan to leave the stage, prolonging the night with multiple encores. The Orchestra will have only a short rest, as they are getting on stage of Kolarac again tomorrow for the second New Year’s concert and a new surprise guest.