The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will give a free concert at Kolarac, on Saturday, 13 January at 12 noon as a reward to all the little contributors who participated in the “What Exactly Is a Philharmonic” literary contest. The concert is open not only for school kids from all over Serbia who wrote essays on this topic, but also for all children who would like to hear the orchestra play the musical story about their favourite hero Harry Potter. Entrance to the concert is free.

In addition to the large orchestra, which is believed by the children to “consist of many smart men and women who can read the notes although they are dressed like penguins”, the guests will also be welcomed by Branislava Podrumac in the role of the narrator and Aleksandar Kojić, the conductor with a magic wand. Through the musical story about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the hosts will demonstrate the magic that the orchestra is capable of.

The children will be able to check if they were right when they wrote that the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is one big family, where they all sit together and get on well with each other, or if it is a cake cream that is whipped while listening to a beautiful melody. The kids agreed that it was a place where “the magic is created and nobody gets bored”, that it was easier for them to write the word Philharmonic than to pronounce it, but the “easiest thing is to listen to the music it makes”.

Season after season, the Belgrade Philharmonic has organised concerts for children. It is an opportunity for more than 6000 youngsters to hear the sounds of a large orchestra and have lots of fun. The musical story about Harry Potter is one of the favourite children’s programmes and all children who would like to hear the orchestra play are invited together with their parents to the Saturday’s concert.