As part of our online season, on YouTube this Friday, the Belgrade Philharmonic brings you the iconic composition Frankenstein!! by HK Gruber, whose Serbian premiere was a part of our Pandemonium series. On May 8 at 8:00 p.m. our audience will be able to see this extraordinary performance in which musicians use classical instruments as well as toys!

HK Gruber, one of the most involved contemporary Austrian composers, performs as a conductor, soloist and vocalist, presenting a work that is a synthesis of popular and folk music, and the rich tradition of the Viennese cabaret. In addition to Frankenstein, the piece features various heroes such as Superman, James Bond, Django, Robinson Crusoe, Batman and Robin, while the philharmonic musicians express their “heroism” on plastic trumpets, sirens, ratchets, whistles, toy pianos, rattles, melodicas . . . This composition, fun to listen to and watch, is preceded by Kurt Schwertsik’s Transfiguration Music.

As part our weekly online program on the social networks and on our website, we bring a new blog by violinist Tamara Živković in our Musician in Lockdown series. Concertmaster Miroslav Pavlović presents a theme from Beethoven’s Romances 1 and 2, which he was scheduled to play as a soloist with the orchestra under the direction of Conductor Hans Graf. Audio Wednesday features Nemanja Stanković performing Dvořák’s Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, while Thursday’s remembrance goes to the Museum of Contemporary Art when the Philharmonic held a series of performances at the museum’s gala opening after a long hiatus and renovation.