Welcome to the world of the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet! In the next two months leading up to the fifth anniversary of its foundation, this outstanding ensemble will give a series of significant concerts, which will be crowned by the jubilee-celebrating performance at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall on 24 May. The first one will be the opening concert of the SOMUS festival, on 3 April at 8pm at the National Theatre Sombor, followed by performances in Turkey on 11–12 April and in Banja Luka on 22 April.
During the breaks between their arduous rehearsals and programme preparations, we took a brief peek into their world and asked them four questions. Here is what we found out:
1. This Quartet will be travelling a lot this year. How does that tight schedule influence the professional development of the four of you?
We are developing far and wide, in all four cardinal directions, on five continents and in six languages,  in three clefs… usually in public, but sometimes also secretly…
2. Can you compare a musical experience in an intimate environment of a chamber ensemble with a completely different discipline – playing in a larger company with your fellow musicians from the orchestra?
Certainly not! We do not even recount out intimate experiences, let alone compare them! However, since you are asking, they are incomparable to anything else.
3. Jeffrey Tate said that “The most perfect expression of human behaviour is a string quartet”. How much has this chamber experience made you richer?
We feel very much enriched, indeed, although not quite rich enough. You can never get enough of God.
4. The BPO String Quartet was founded half a decade ago. How will you celebrate this anniversary?
We will play a good all-evening concert on 24 May at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, surrounded by the great audience, our good friends, fine wine, and then later also delicious food and great tambura  music, and… we will relish in every good way that lovely day of May… and its lovely night, too!