As part of our program this week, we will feature concerts by the Belgrade Philharmonic with local star performers such as saxophonist Milan Savić in a piece composed by Ivan Brkljačić and soprano Branislava Podrumac in Façade art-songs by William Walton

Audio Wednesday – a day for selected recordings from the orchestra’s archives, is dedicated to a concert from the Love series, held at Kolarac Hall on November 16, 2018, conducted by Daniel Raiskin. The Love program was opened by Tchaikovsky’s symphonic poem Francesca da Rimini and rounded off with music from the ballet Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev. Between them was the gala premiere of Love! Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra, written for the Belgrade Philharmonic by Serbian composer Ivan Brkljačić, featuring saxophonist Milan Savić.

This Friday, April 17th at 8:00 p.m. our online season will feature an entertaining piece: Façade art-songs by William Walton and the opening of the Pandemonium series. This is a piece in which soprano Branislava Podrumac recites lyrics together with the orchestra under the baton of Bruno Merse. The combination of jazz, waltz, tango, and lucid poetry transformed the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall into a cabaret. The dazzling Branislava Podrumac had the almost impossible task of demonstrating singing without singing, and in addition to musical skills, she displayed exceptional acting prowess.

Our weekly program also features a new Musician in Lockdown blog by clarinetist Ognjen Popović. Because this week was originally supposed to be dedicated to our regular baby concerts, the Belgrade Philharmonic is not forgetting our children even in this extreme situation. On our social networks, violist Tamara Marinković Tomić has performed a “mini concert” for two babies. On Thursdays, or Day of Remembrance will feature the most beautiful moments from these baby concerts as well as the program the orchestra has performed for them, which parents can play for their babies.