A novelty in the Belgrade Philharmonic’s online programs are open rehearsals for children, which will be held Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. during which time kids will be able to meet the orchestra musicians and their instruments.

In order to maintain contact with our youngest audience members who regularly attended our Wednesday monthly get-togethers to hang out with us and get to know our orchestra, every Wednesday, on its social networks, the Belgrade Philharmonic will present different groups of instruments that make up the orchestra.

The program will be hosted by the regular presenters of our philharmonic programs for children: violist Tamara Marinković Tomić and violinist Slavica Perić. At our first online open rehearsal, they will introduce the children to the family of string instruments, with the help of colleagues Katarina Stanković and Filip Savić. Children will also be able to test their knowledge with questions and answers during the video.

At this time, when all concert activities are still suspended, the Belgrade Philharmonic is continuing with its online programs, and this week we are offers our audience what it probably misses the most – travel! So, this week, the Belgrade Philharmonic is taking a trip around the world through a kind of time machine, introducing the audience to different generations of philharmonic members who have made up this orchestra then and now.

First, our sentimental journey on Thursday will take us to the Belgrade Philharmonic’s big tour of Mexico, back in 1994, the farthest and the longest tour in our orchestra’s history. An interested audience that does not mind the retro sound of old technology will be able to see a recording of the concert held in the city of Guadalajara. A day later, on Friday at 8:00 p.m. on YouTube, the Belgrade Philharmonic will take us to Italy, where we held a Christmas concert in the city of Cesena in 2011.

Our weekly program includes a blog by violinist Mirjana Nešković about her experiences in lockdown, as well as a video message from cellist Julian Steckel and a small part of the composition Schelomo by E. Bloch, which he was scheduled to perform with the orchestra this week.

The Belgrade Philharmonic also invites you to watch a replay of the first part of its 2015 gala concert with world famous conductor Zubin Mehta, on channel RTS 3, on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.