No. 68b Despot Stefan Boulevard is the first residential building to join the Belgrade Philharmonic’s “Music Everywhere” campaign. In the building’s entrance you can hear music performed and recorded by the Belgrade Philharmonic at its concerts.

The building’s residents say “if we can’t go to concerts, we can bring the concerts to us,” enjoying the music of Mozart thanks to this idea initiated by the Belgrade Philharmonic and the management of this large residential building with 17 floors, 156 apartments, more than 400 people, and a device for playing the music throughout the entire building.

“The residents love the idea; some even stand in the entrance hall to hear the entire composition, and the mailman says he comes by even if there is no delivery, just to listen to the music. The Belgrade Philharmonic has achieved its goal and brought classical music closer not only to enthusiasts, but also to people who listen to other types of music. In these hard times, everyone enjoys a moment of relaxation with some pleasant music, even in a building entrance. This is a great opportunity for others to work with the people from the Belgrade Philharmonic and fill their offices, companies, or residential areas with music,” Biljana Vukosavljević, the manager of the building, said.

Through its campaign “Music Everywhere,” the Belgrade Philharmonic had its concerts heard by more than 250,000 people being driven around in CarGo vehicles, in over 200 different offices and as many stores throughout Serbia, for several hours a day. With the example of an initiative such as this residential building, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s message that music is everywhere has arrived exactly where it should, with the intention of enriching everyday life and spreading positive energy.