Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz has signed a new contract with the Belgrade Philharmonic and will remain at the helm as captain of our orchestra until 2025. Feltz and Acting Director Darko Krstić signed the papers in a very congenial atmosphere to the applause of the Philharmonic musicians ahead of the dress rehearsal for tonight’s concert at Kolarac Hall.

“This is the fifth season that we have been collaborating with our dear Gabriel and we are extremely satisfied with the effort and work he has invested in the Belgrade Philharmonic. You demonstrated this when you voted with an impressive 93% of your support, so we are honored to sign this contract with our chief conductor for the next three years. Gabriel, the Belgrade Philharmonic has chosen you, and we thank you for choosing us as well,” Darko Krstić said.

“Thank you very much for everything; we work together very emotionally and I am happy that we still have time to cooperate. I hope that we will have great concerts and will be together in our new hall in Belgrade. It is our hall that is important for culture and for the Belgrade Philharmonic, which will be even better in the new building. Also, I congratulate Darko for being elected as the director of the Belgrade Philharmonic,” Gabriel Feltz responded.

Feltz began his term as chief conductor of the Belgrade Philharmonic in the 2017/18 season. He is also music director of the Dortmund Opera and chief conductor of the Dortmund Philharmonic. He is one of the most prominent German conductors with a versatile career in the opera and symphony repertoire and he previously held the position of chief conductor in Stuttgart and Altenburg Gera

In his four years with the Belgrade Philharmonic, he has achieved much success and significantly influenced the quality of the orchestra, which he fell in love with at first sight back in 2009 when he made his debut. He conducted two open-air concerts, which became the biggest events of this type in the history of Serbian classical music. International critics especially followed and praised not only the joint concerts, but also the respectable CD release that he recorded with the Belgrade Philharmonic. Feltz became a favorite by achieving a special relationship with both the musicians and the audience, with a promise from the beginning of his mandate that he would learn to speak Serbian . . . which he has fulfilled.

The great Zubin Mehta was a special guest of the Belgrade Philharmonic’s first open-air concert in 2017 together with Gabriel Feltz and four years later, on the occasion of his recent performance with the orchestra, the legendary maestro said:

“The Belgrade Philharmonic has become one of the great European orchestras. It should be recognized everywhere in Europe and in the world. Their chief conductor, Gabriel Feltz, has done an extraordinary job in the last few years. They cannot be recognized in relation to before. As a conductor, I am very happy every time I return and everyone should support the magnificent Belgrade Philharmonic.”