For the end of our “Pandemonium” series, we are preparing a multimedia extravaganza on the Belgrade Philharmonic’s Chamber Music Scene on Thursday, 5 April at 7:00 p.m. “The Soldier’s Tale,” conceived by Igor Stravinsky, features actresses Vladica Milosavljević and Tamara Krcunović and musicians of the Belgrade Philharmonic conducted by Aleksandar Kojić. Director Vlatko Ilic has given an entirely new reading of this well-known story, which was premiered exactly 100 years ago.

“I have decided in favor of a more challenging setting in the spirit of the avant-garde works from the beginning of the 20th century. The concert will include recorded audio and video material featuring actresses Vladica Milosavljević and Tamara Krcunović, who will also be live on stage, together with visual artist Vojislav Klačar, making soldiers from newspapers, to a musical background created by members of the Philharmonic,” Vlatko Ilic explained.

The story is about a Russian soldier returning from war, who had sold his violin, or rather his soul, to the devil in return for wealth. According to Stravinsky’s instructions, the story is to be read, played, and danced and it is ideal for the closing of our “Pandemonium” series, which has featured musical works inspired by intriguing texts. Revolutionary even today, this masterpiece of chamber music is one of the first examples of interdisciplinary, total theater, which was envisioned to combine dance, music, and drama.