At the annual awards of the Serbian Association for Public Relations, the Belgrade Philharmonic was awarded the RECOGNITION 2020 award in the category of Digital Communications. The expert jury gave this award for the project “Philharmonic Online Season,” i.e. the way in which the Belgrade Philharmonic communicated with its audience during the period of suspended activities.

“Digital communication is always based on the 3I’s principle. The first is Initiate – we listen to our audience to hear, understand, and learn as much as possible about their values. The second principle is Iterate – we adjust our communication so that it is always beautiful and harmonious, without noise. And finally, Integrate – we integrate communication and adapt messages to each communication channel to reach the audience in the most natural way. The campaign of the Belgrade Philharmonic fulfilled all these requirements and deservedly won the award for best campaign in the category of digital communication,” Ana Mirković, director and co-founder of the Digital Communications Institute, said.

This is the 23rd time that the Serbian Association for Public Relations has awarded this prize for the best and highest quality communication activities, this time online. The Belgrade Philharmonic also received this award in 2018 in the category of PR Communications in Integrated Campaigns for its First Outdoor Concert, and again in 2019 in the categories of Communication of Socially Responsible Projects and PR Brand for the Philharmonic’s Baby Concerts.