Disney’s Fantasia Live will be performed a week later, on Sunday, June 30, at 8:30 p.m.

Due to Red Meteoalarm warnings and the severe weather forecast issued by the Serbian Hydro-meteorological Institute, the Belgrade Philharmonic’s open-air concert is being postponed for a week and will be held at Ušće on Sunday, June 30. Even though everything is ready for the performance of Disney’s Fantasia Live, the Belgrade Philharmonic has decided to reschedule this extremely complicated production for the following weekend.

With the desire not to disappoint the many people who have eagerly awaited our Third Open-air Concert, especially our youngest audience, whom we have invited to enjoy Disney’s Fantasia, the Belgrade Philharmonic has made the tough decision to reschedule the concert, and in such a short time has managed to reschedule the gigantic production for a week, with the kind understanding of our foreign partners about this event being important not only for Belgrade, but for the entire country and the region.

“If this were not a concert where so many children were being expected, I would be totally fine in pointing out that it rained during Woodstock and it did not bother anyone. But this is a specific event that that will attract lots of babies and children, and it was for them that we have made the decision to wait until next Sunday to perform Disney’s Fantasia,” Belgrade Philharmonic Director Ivan Tasovac said

Therefore, the Belgrade Philharmonic and Chief Conductor Gabriel Feltz will welcome tens of thousands of people from all over the country at our traditional Philharmonic Picnic at Usce, a week later, on June 30, with the most beautiful animated spectacle of all time set to the most famous classical music, which the orchestra will perform live under the big screen.